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This web part is used to add a ‘rating’ to any page when ratings have been turned on in the pages library. This provides a much more user-friendly way of adding ratings since by default, ratings must be added by viewing the page library itself. It also provides a ‘granular’ level of control on which pages provide ratings and which do not.

This actually fixes a major oversight by Microsoft - sure, you can turn ratings on but to work, end users a) Must have access to the document library and b) have to navigate to the library/list to actually rate the item from the list of items (i.e. not happening).

To be flexible, this is set to work as both a Page Rating and a Post Rating for Blog Sites.

For the part to work properly, the ‘ratings’ must be turned on in the site pages library. The library name depends on the type of site – for Publishing sites, the Pages library and for Collaboration/Meeting sites, the SitePages library. The part can be added to any page, but without ratings it will not function.

To enable or verify ratings are enabled do the following:

1)   Navigate to the site then select Site Actions > View All Site Content.

2)   Locate the Pages (or SitePages) library in the list and click to open it:


3)   In the top (blue) navigation, click List to open the list settings ribbon:


4)   Next click on the Library Settings link (right hand side of the ribbon):

5)   When the Library Settings page opens, click on Rating settings under the General Settings section:

6)   On the next page, enable ratings by clicking the Yes checkbox and then clicking OK:


7)   When you return to the library, scroll down to columns and you will see two more have been added (note they may not be in the same order shown):


8)   If you return to the view of the list, you’ll see they now appear in the default view as well (FYI: items can be rated while viewing the list):

Web Part Settings


  • Display Div CSS Class – Sets the outer div style, ms-WPHeader is a default SharePoint style. It is recommended that you use SharePoint styles for this. 
  • Title to Display – Title to display (Post Rating as shown). On a page, you’d like change to “Page Rating”. 
  • Title CSS Class – CSS class to use for the title, ms-CommentHeader is a default SharePoint style. It is recommended that you use SharePoint styles for this. 
  • Text to display – The text to display next to the rating. 
  • Don’t display title – If selected, no title is shown. 
  • Don’t display top/bottom border – If selected, no border is shown.
  • Color to use for border – Sets the color of the border – this is either a name like Black or an RGB color like #006699. 


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